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Experts in gas and liquid custody transfer metering solutions, Meci provides you with support for designing, deploying or renovating your metering, analysis, remote operation and monitoring systems. With its extensive experience and continued search for innovation, Meci is a recognised actor in the upstream sector of oil and gas operations, as well as in industry.



Metering units renovation extends the service life of the existing installation while improving performance levels relating to production developments and providing a response to new regulation requirements. The comprehensive range offered by MECI provides solutions in terms of expertise, engineering, project management and commissioning.


DES16 is a complete density measuring solution. Designed to be used on systems for metering liquids other than water and certified for custody transfer, DES16 is a ready-made solution used to meet the most stringent demands of oil and petrochemical operations.

The CDN16

CDN16 is a multi-line panel-mounted flow computer designed for commercial gas and liquid transactional metering applications. Its software and hardware enables it to satisfy all specifications detailed in oil and gas industry technical specifications.